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CrossFit Verus

The word Verus is defined in the dictionary as "true," "authentic," and "genuine." These three words embody the spirit behind our fitness community, and reflect our intention for opening CrossFit VERUS. Each member begins his or her journey at a different level of fitness and experience, and our hope is that you will come as you are, with no shame, fear, or arrogance. We value your CrossFit COMMITMENT, regardless of your physical PERFORMANCE.

VERUS was also the name of one of the first featured Gladiators who fought and earned his freedom in the Colosseum in ancient Rome. Fortunately, sports entertainment has evolved since then, so our "Gladiators" are metaphorical. However, we strive to champion the same steadfast heart and powerful mindset that made ancient Gladiators successful in their arena. The best Gladiators are focused on the present, they aren't held back by the past, or by the critics in the bleachers. Their bodies and spirits are connected to what is right in front of them, which allows them to effectively fight today's battles.

We use the sport of CrossFit to help our members both achieve their desired physical fitness levels and create a Gladiator's spirit. Each of us enters our own "arenas" on a daily basis, so we invite you to train in our arena so that you can be a Gladiator in yours!

A Team of Coaches that get results, consistently

CrossFit Verus

Our community is what makes us special. And it's what will keep you going

We all have battles to face everyday.

Join other Gladiators consistently at The Arena.

Give your best effort. You only get OUT what you put IN.

Everything you need to crush your fitness goals

Top of the line equipment

Easy Scheduling

Personal Training

Open Gym

Located just off Nifong Blvd, behind Starbucks.

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. CrossFit Verus is located and easily accessible from all of Columbia.

3601 Buttonwood Dr Suite A, Columbia, MO 65201
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