Keith DeMint

Keith DeMint


Clean: 235 lbs.

Snatch: 165 lbs.

Annie: 5:20

Annie’s on the Run: 12:40


CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

USA Weightlifting Level 2 Trainer


About Coach

Growing up, I played almost every sport available in my small town; basketball, baseball, football, track and field, wrestling, and soccer. In high school, I found success running cross country and track hurdles. This gave me the opportunity to run in college at Baker University. As my intercollegiate running career was coming to a close in 2012, I was introduced to CrossFit by one of my coaches. CrossFit became the outlet that pushed me, in the same way, running did. I started my track and field coaching career in 2014 at William Woods University. A couple of years later, with a push from gym members and coaches, I decided to begin coaching CrossFit as well.

Turning Point

In 2014, I joined Bluff Street CrossFit in Fulton, MO. Owner and Head Coach Bradley Vickers quickly became an inspiration to me. During my time there, Brad encouraged me as a CrossFit athlete and demonstrated genuine and effective ways to interact with his CrossFit athletes. In early 2016, Brad passed away. Brad’s passing motivated me to pursue my CF-L1 certification and begin coaching CrossFit. As a coach, I implement a lot of what I learned from my time interacting with Brad.

Motivation & Passion

The best moments in my coaching career come when I am instructing athletes on a new movement or a way to correct a movement, and I get to see that “light bulb” moment when an athlete suddenly “gets it”.

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