Sydney Breckinridge

Sydney Breckinridge


Back Squat: 215 lbs

Bench Press: 135 lbs

Deadlift: 245 lbs

Snatch: 90 lbs

Clean and Jerk: 115 lbs

Cindy: 9+5


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

About Coach

I started playing sports when I was just 4 years old. Throughout my youth, I played a variety of traditional sports, as well as some recreational sports such as ice skating and snowboarding. Despite the variety of experiences, I found it difficult to find a sport I truly loved. That changed during college. I was sent home from school during COVID-19, with little to no motivation to work out at a gym on my own. My parents encouraged me to be active and do something in my free time. My dad contacted Charity Baker, an avid CrossFit athlete at CrossFit St. Robert, and she offered to take me under her wing. I was unfamiliar with CrossFit prior to my first time in that gym. I felt intimidated by how strong everyone looked. My first workout included snatches. I received a tremendous amount of encouragement despite that being one of the most dynamic CrossFit moves. The encouragement helped me to return and continue showing up regularly to learn more about the sport of CrossFit. I returned to Columbia the next year and began looking for a CrossFit home. I chose CrossFit Como, and I was fortunate to have made a great decision. I felt welcomed and included and it felt like home. One night, I received a call from my dad letting me know that Charity Baker had died in a car accident. I was devastated by this news. She was the person who introduced me to CrossFit. She believed in me, and she had the most positive and caring personality. From that moment, I vowed to continue pursuing CrossFit to better myself physically, emotionally, and mentally. My consistency showed results, and when I was asked if I wanted to coach, I decided to take that next step. I worked hard to achieve my Level One certification. I desire to be a great coach to everyone; one that is there to help someone with whatever their need is when they cross my path. This pursuit has been the highlight of my life.

Turning Point

Recently, I switched my college major from Pre-Nursing to Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Upon arriving at college, I was certain of my choice to become a nurse. However, two rejection letters to nursing school had me reconsidering my life’s path. I felt lost and uncertain of my future until I stumbled across a major called Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. This seemed to fit well with my CrossFit passions. I signed the documents changing my future trajectory and promptly ran into another stumbling block. I found out that I would graduate in 2024, a year later than my previous graduation date. My parents were less than thrilled, but I defended my decision. Change is scary. However, this unexpected change has been one of the best decisions for me. I have the privilege of coaching a sport I love for the community that I love. The CrossFit community helped me navigate an “identity crisis”, and despite my winding road to get to this place, I would not have changed the path.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose is rooted in helping everyone feel accepted and welcomed. Every seasoned CrossFit athlete was at one point a beginner. I want to help new CrossFit athletes navigate this sport and remind them that they are doing something great. I'm passionate about working on good form and injury prevention. Good form is the foundation of CrossFit. I am thrilled to be a part of this team and further my coaching experience. I thrive being with people who are motivated by common goals. I want to show them how great CrossFit is.

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