Courtney Cale

Courtney Cale

Marketing and Member Specialist

Deadlift: 265

Clean & Jerk: 130

Snatch: 85

Squat: 210  

Push Press: 125


Bachelor’s in General Studies with a minor in Business & Marketing

About Coach

I am a senior at the University of Missouri, studying business and marketing. I enjoy doing CrossFit and spending lots of time outside with nature. I am an experienced athlete, growing up I ran track, played volleyball, and had the honor of being Miss St. James from 2018-2019. Through high school I navigated sports and school very well, I think that really shaped me into the person that I am today. I learned responsibility and certain consequences at a very young age, which put me in a great position to play such an important role in a business.

Turning Point

An impactful turning point for me was in February 2020 when I went lost a loved one. That event reminded me that life is extremely short and that I needed to live every day like it was my last and never hold anything back. I needed a goal to strive for after high school and the COVID shutdown. That is when I found CrossFit. I found that the “madness” and everyday sounds of working out, the sound of weights hitting the floor, for example, had a calming effect on my mind. I often struggle with wanting to see results quickly, but with CrossFit, I was forced to analyze my movements and work hard to get better a little at a time. That feeling of doing my first butterfly pull-up, for example, is something truly special and made the hard work and long wait worth the effort. Giving my 100% effort in everything I do helps me not waste time thinking about the “what ifs” later.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose with CrossFit is to share with the entire world what CrossFit is and HOW it can positively affect people. One of my roles in the Verus community is to highlight the true energy and camaraderie of this gym. CrossFit is about community, and I want someone new to come into our gym and feel at home. I want them to feel like they can leave everything at the door and just be with their community for an hour a day. That is what CrossFit truly is: it is a lifestyle, it is therapy, it is fun. It can be whatever you make it, and you have an entire community behind you supporting that.

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